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Steel Pole Building in Mount Vernon – Skagit County

Jun. 1, 2023 ⋅ Categories: Garages & Shops, New Projects, Steel Buildings
Steel Pole Building in Mount Vernon – Skagit County

Welcome to Mount Vernon, Skagit County, where PermaBilt has once again showcased our expertise in constructing pole buildings. Our latest project in this beautiful location is a testament to the quality and attention to detail that our company is known for. From insulation to gutters, from doors to roofs, every aspect of this building has been carefully designed and implemented to meet the needs of our client. Join us as we take a closer look at the remarkable features of this outstanding pole building.

Entrances: Style and Functionality Combined
The 3’x6’8” PermaDoor with a concrete mandoor pad serves as the primary entrance to the building. Its sturdy construction and secure design ensure durability and safety. The ample size of the door allows for easy access, even when carrying large items. In addition, the 16×8 garage door with plain lites, equipped with a convenient rope opener, provides practicality and convenience for vehicles or larger equipment. Completing the ensemble is the 10×8 garage door (design your own) with plain lites and rope opener, adding versatility to the building’s functionality.

Ventilation: Promoting Air Circulation and Freshness
The inclusion of a white ridge vent enhances the overall ventilation of the pole building. This feature allows air to circulate freely, preventing the buildup of heat and humidity. By optimizing airflow, the ridge vent helps maintain a fresh and pleasant atmosphere inside the building, benefiting both the occupants and any stored items.

Gutters and Downspouts: Efficient Rainwater Management
At PermaBilt, we prioritize effective rainwater management systems. This pole building features 72 linear feet of 5″ K-LINE gutters, colored in Lo Gloss White, ensuring optimal water flow and protection against potential damage caused by rain. The two downspouts and two green splash blocks work in harmony to divert water away from the building’s foundation, ensuring a dry and secure interior.

Site Preparation and Floor Construction: A Solid Foundation
Before any construction began, Permabilt prepared the site meticulously. We brought in 12″ of fill on one side to ensure proper leveling and stability. Furthermore, the concrete 22’x36’x4″ floor with a shop finish offers a durable and functional surface for various activities within the building. Whether it’s storing heavy equipment or setting up a workshop, the solid foundation guarantees a reliable base for any endeavor.

Exterior Design: Aesthetics Meets Durability
The pole building’s exterior showcases an elegant light stone siding color that complements the natural surroundings of Mount Vernon, Skagit County. The roof color, Zincalume, not only adds visual appeal but also provides excellent durability and longevity. To complete the look, the trim in winter white adds a crisp and clean finishing touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic value of the building.

Building for the Future: A Ready-Made Foundation for Expansion
In addition to the remarkable features already mentioned, this pole building in Mount Vernon, Skagit County, boasts a forward-thinking design element: a 12″ ledger board strategically placed for a future lean-to. Permabilt understands the evolving needs of our clients and aims to provide them with versatile options for expansion. By incorporating the ledger board into the building’s structure, we have ensured that our client can easily add a lean-to in the future, expanding the available space and accommodating any future requirements. This thoughtful provision demonstrates Permabilt’s commitment to long-term functionality and adaptability, making this pole building a truly future-proof investment.

Permabilt has once again demonstrated its exceptional craftsmanship in constructing pole buildings. This particular project in Mount Vernon, Skagit County, showcases a range of features, from insulation and ventilation to entrances and rainwater management, all designed with the utmost attention to detail. The combination of functionality, style, and durability ensures that this pole building will serve its purpose effectively and stand the test of time. At Permabilt, we are committed to delivering top-quality structures that exceed our clients’ expectations, and this building is no exception.

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