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How do I get started?

To get your project started, simply call 1 (800) 824-9552 to set up an appointment with an experienced building representative local to your area. We will send a representative to meet with you at a convenient time.

Should I get references before building?

Absolutely. It is always a good idea to know who you are doing business with. We have been doing business in Western Washington since 1973 with well over 20,000 projects to our credit. Check us out on the state Labor and Industries website, or go out with one of our representatives to inspect a building or two. We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been a BBB Accredited Business since 1986. We have also been a member of The Master Buiders Association of King and Snohomish Counties since 1978. Our reputation in the industry is incomparable and we are proud to give references.

Can I put a post frame building anywhere on my property?

Site selection is one of the most important aspects of building. It is essential to meet with one of our representatives to discuss the building location as well as the location of any underground utilities. We recommend that no site work be done until we have procured the permit. We have a full-time permit technician, as well as permit runners who maintain working relationships with various jurisdictions, to help expedite the permit process for our customers.

How much room do I need for access?

We need at least a 10′ wide by 12′ high clearance for the delivery of materials. If this clearance is not available we can still build, but with a possible extra charge.

Can I get a ball park price over the phone?

This is a very common question. While many companies do this as a marketing tool, we have found that the price is most certainly going to change because there are so many variables and options that go into each building. It is our policy to not give prices out over the phone. We will give free on-site written estimates that are good for 30 days. We have saved a lot of confusion by doing it this way and have many satisfied customers to prove it.

During which months does Town & Country build?

We build all year long. The winter months slow our production schedule down, but we continue to build. The only time we do not build is when the conditions are detrimental to the safety of our crews. The quality of our buildings does not differ from season to season.

Are some colors more expensive than others?

Not at all. All buildings come standard with your choice of 18 sidewall colors and 18 trim colors to satisfy our customer’s needs. These offer a limited lifetime warranty. We use Zincalume® on our roofs to give the most protection at the least cost for our customers. A painted roof is available for a modest charge, but most customers elect not to go that way once they’ve seen a Zincalume® roof.

How tall does my door have to be?

It depends on what you are going to use your new building for. A standard garage door is 7′ tall and will work for almost any car or truck. Most motor homes (class A and class C models) will fit through a 12′ tall door. Some campers require only a 10′ or 11′. tall door. We recommend that you schedule a time for a Town & Country representative to visit with you and measure for your requirements.

Do these buildings have posts in the middle of them?

Not unless you want them. All of our buildings can be built with either full clear span trusses or with posts and rafters. Posts and rafters are used when lofts, second floors, horse stalls, etc. are requested. We call this grid style instead of clear span.

Do all your buildings include concrete floors?

Since the concrete is poured after the building is erected, it is up to the customer whether to have us pour the floor or to do it themselves. Concrete floors can be poured at any time after the building is complete, even years later. Most customers elect to have us pour the floor. Our concrete floors are top quality, poured with fibermix reinforcement and zip-strip for crack control.

Are these the only shapes and sizes available?

All buildings are essentially custom designed to fit your needs. We show you many standard designs and then start modifying one of them to fit your needs. This is not an extra expense, just one of the many advantages of post frame construction. We have a wide array of designs to suit every need.

Are there options other than steel siding?

Yes. The most common siding other than steel is T-111 plywood siding with various groove spacing. There are a myriad of siding options available as well as attractive wainscotting options. Many customers select the steel siding for its longevity and ease of maintenance.

What type of warranty does your company offer?

Our standard warranty is 12 months from the date of completion. We have optional five year weatherization warranties and lifetime warranties available also. The siding and roofing has a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Does Town & Country offer financing?

Town & Country is an approved dealer with numerous Home Improvement Lenders. As an approved dealer, we are able to arrange and obtain financing with many different options and very competitive rates. The rates offered are dependent on your credit and income qualifications. Learn more about financing through Town & Country.

Will Town & Country work with my lender?

Yes. We can work within guidelines set up by most lenders. As you may be able to get a more favorable rate with a lender you already have a relationship with, we encourage our customers to get their own financing.

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"I wanted to add a very hearty thank you to your crew on the construction of my pole barn. They were very professional and timely in their efforts." 
Enzler – Kelso
“Thank you – will highly recommend your company to others and most likely will use you again in the future." 
Gilliam – Bellevue
"I thank you for the good looking job done for us. I consider this project a true asset for this community." 
City of Brier – Brier
“Very good experience. The work crew was awesome.” 
Davidson – Woodinville