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Kitsap County Boat Storage Pole Building

Jul. 29, 2019 ⋅ Categories: New Projects
Large red monitor style pole building with 2 large garage doors, and one smaller garage door in gable end and 2 roof cupolas

Our Hansville customer need a place where he could store his boat, have room for a shop and have a one bedroom apartment for his elderly mother. A lofted living area that required the use of stairs to access just would not work. He needed 15’ of clearance for the boat storage but the shop and apartment did not require that much clearance. After reviewing his needs, design considerations, and budget during the free in-home consultation with our PermaBilt® building rep, a Hybrid Monitor design was chosen in order to provide the necessary clearance for the boat storage, keep the building within the budget, and give the appearance of a barn.

The addition of lots of windows in the space where he would build his mother’s apartment would let in plenty of light and bring the outdoors inside. Now his mother has a cozy new home that seems much bigger than it is.

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"Everything looks great. Everyone was pleasant to work with - from the office people to the crews that worked on the building, and all the delivery people. Thanks for a wonderful job." 
Weaver – Kalama