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Wainscoting On Your Pole Building

Jan. 30, 2020 ⋅ Categories: Industry

One feature that many of our customers choose for their buildings, is a wainscoting. pole building barn

Long ago a wainscot was an area of wood used on interior walls in stone houses.   The extra wood wood insulate the room from the cold of the stone.  Today, wainscot is used to add style and decoration to interior and exterior walls.   A wainscoting on our pole buildings  is typically a 3′ to 4′ section , from the grade up, sided in a different color or material than the rest of the building.  It is a simple and inexpensive addition to add character and beauty to your pole building.

Here are some examples of different applications of wainscoting on our pole buildings.  There are numerous options available to create the look you are after on your pole barn including using lap siding,  galvanized steel, painted steel, log siding and many others.

Wainscoting Commercial Building

Lap Siding Wainscoting

Galvanized Wainscoting

Log Wainscoting

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