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Pole Buildings for Public Use

Mar. 11, 2020 ⋅ Categories: New Projects

Over the years we have been in business, we have built pole buildings for numerous public entities for a number of varied uses.  Just in the last 7 years we have building for the Cities of Lynnwood, Newcastle, Issaquah, Bremerton and Burlington as well as a number of school districts, counties, water districts, technical colleges, police departments, public utility districts, museums and search and rescue facilities.  

One example is when Eastside Fire & Rescue needed 2 large post frame buildings to store and protect an array of Fire and Rescue vehicles and equipment.  The primary shop was 50’x96’x15′ shown here.

post frame fire department garage


open post frame building








The secondary storage budding was a 21’x60’x14′.  It had room for numerous vehicles and equipment however it was designed as a carport  – open on all sides – with 5 large bay openings.

The PermaBilt® team worked closely with the City to coordinate planning and scheduling of the project to meet their needs.  In this particular case, the specifications for the project were determined and sent out for bid.  In many other cases, we work closely with the jurisdictions/customer at the time they are creating budgets, to make sure the specifications for pole buildings are designed in the most economical way possible to meet their future needs.  Some considerations include bay spacing, building height, garage door sizes as well as aesthetic considerations.

Here are some other examples of public and commercial pole buildings we have done:

Ames Lake Water District Pole Building

Puyallup Fairgrounds Building

Marysville Museum Pole Building

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"Everything looks great. Everyone was pleasant to work with - from the office people to the crews that worked on the building, and all the delivery people. Thanks for a wonderful job." 
Weaver – Kalama