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Pole Building Garage – Chehalis

Apr. 15, 2022 ⋅ Categories: New Projects

In Chehalis, our customers reviewed their needs for a future pole building.  In working with our Building Representative, it was decided that a 2 car garage, 24’ X 24’ X 9’, would fit their wants and needs.  There were some obstacles encountered with the city as far as placement of the building on our customer’s property.   Our Building Representative, working with the city, assisted our customer in obtaining the best possible resolution to solve the building placement.  When everything was addressed, the building came together very quickly.   The building has (2) 9’x 8’ raised panel garage doors, (1) 3’x 6’8” man door with stainless steel lockset, an 18” octagonal gable vent for air circulation, as well as an 18” overhang around the building.  There are also (2) 4’x 3’ horizontal sliding windows with screens and a 2’x24’ eavelight, both of which allow daylight into the building.    Our customers were very pleased with their 2 car garage pole building.

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