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Steel Pole Building in Sequim – Clallam County

Aug. 11, 2023 ⋅ Categories: Steel Buildings
Steel Pole Building in Sequim – Clallam County

We had the opportunity to build this beautiful pole building for our customers in Sequim. Sitting down with one of our experienced building reps, they designed a 40’x48’x14’ building with garage doors on the gable wall. To match the themes of their home, the customers decided on gable treatments, wainscoting, and custom ordered garage doors to give it that same appeal as their home. 


One of the standout features of this pole building is the wainscoting. This decorative technique involves covering the lower portion of walls with wooden panels, adding texture, visual interest, and protection against wear and tear. In this project, the wainscoting not only lends a touch of sophistication to the building’s exterior but also acts as a shield against moisture and other environmental factors, ensuring its longevity.

Gable Treatments: 

The gables of a building often present an excellent opportunity for architectural embellishments, and this Sequim pole building capitalizes on that potential. Gable treatments involve adding decorative elements to the triangular portions of a roof, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the structure. Whether it’s intricate woodwork, contrasting colors, or a play of light and shadow, gable treatments can make a significant impact on the building’s visual appeal. In this project, carefully crafted gable treatments not only draw the eye but also serve as a focal point that complements the wainscoting beautifully.


Among the notable features of this pole building are its thoughtfully placed windows. These windows not only enhance the structure’s visual aesthetics but also introduce abundant natural light into its interior spaces. The interplay of light and shadow not only creates an inviting ambiance but also enhances the building’s functionality by reducing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours.

We are thrilled to have been a part of this project and look forward to helping more customers in the Sequim, Washington area and beyond create the perfect space for their property. If you’re in need of a new garage or pole building, contact us today to get started on your custom design.

Customer Feedback

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"I wanted to add a very hearty thank you to your crew on the construction of my pole barn. They were very professional and timely in their efforts." 
Enzler – Kelso
“Thank you – will highly recommend your company to others and most likely will use you again in the future." 
Gilliam – Bellevue
"I thank you for the good looking job done for us. I consider this project a true asset for this community." 
City of Brier – Brier
“Very good experience. The work crew was awesome.” 
Davidson – Woodinville