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Pole Building Garage & Shop – Port Orchard

Dec. 1, 2021 ⋅ Categories: New Projects

A couple in Port Orchard reached out looking for a post frame workshop to be built on their property. Upon meeting with our helpful Building Representative the customers selected a 20’ x 34’ design. Our team was able to walk our clients through the financing process with ease so that we were able to begin construction with no delays.
From beginning to end the process unfolded smoothly and soon our customer had a stunning workshop. The completed pole building included a 10’ x 8’ garage door with glazed light panels, 4’ x 3’ window, ridge vents, and 18” full perimeter overhangs. These customers are incredibly happy with the new addition to their property!

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"Their professionalism and diligence have reassured me that there are companies that fulfill their promises."
Bartley – Toledo