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Metal Building Insulation (MBI) – A Must for Your Pole Building

Nov. 3, 2023 ⋅ Categories: Industry News
Metal Building Insulation (MBI) – A Must for Your Pole Building

When it comes to constructing durable and energy-efficient metal buildings. PermaBilt is your trusted partner, and today, we want to shed some light on the importance of metal building insulation (MBI). MBI is a standard feature in all our roofs and is also an option for the walls of your custom pole building. We prioritize the comfort and longevity of your structure, and MBI plays a crucial role in achieving those goals.

Our MBI consists of a 2inch fiberglass blanket, meticulously glued to a white vinyl vapor barrier. When these components are combined, they create an efficient insulation system that not only regulates temperature. But also acts as a robust vapor barrier under ideal circumstances. Proper installation, with no punctures in the vinyl facing and tightly sealed seams. Can make this insulation method highly effective in maintaining the internal climate of your pole building.

PermaBilt’s Metal Building Insulation is a must-have for anyone looking to create a well-insulated and comfortable metal building. With its superior vapor barrier properties and long-term benefits. MBI ensures your space remains efficient and free from moisture-related issues. While it may not be the most cost-effective option for pole buildings. The advantages far outweigh the initial investment. Choose PermaBilt and MBI for a metal building that’s not only strong and sturdy but also thermally efficient and comfortable year-round.

Check out some of these examples that can be found on our website. The MBI is a Thin white material that is rolled out along the span of the roof and or walls.

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"I wanted to add a very hearty thank you to your crew on the construction of my pole barn. They were very professional and timely in their efforts." 
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