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Pole Barn Garage Woodway WA

Jul. 23, 2016
It looks like a barn but it’s really Dad’s garage. At least, that’s what it reads on the door. This pole barn garage was not the first pole barn we have built for this gentleman in Woodway Washi...Read More

Horse Pole Barn & Garage Snoqualmie

Jul. 23, 2016
The first step (other than the client’s initial contact) in PermaBilt’s building process is our building representative meeting with our client. Our professional barn builder met with our Snoqualm...Read More

Pole Barn Farm Shed Quilcene WA

Jul. 23, 2016
This couple had a beautiful 6 acre piece of land in Quilcene Washington. A friend referred them to PermaBilt® after being very pleased with their experience and the quality of their pole barn and far...Read More

Metal Garage with Apartment Space

Jul. 23, 2016
At PermaBilt® our best creativity comes when our customer is limited by site location, permitting, budgeting, etc.. That’s why in- house consultations with our experienced Building Representative a...Read More

4 Stall Horse Pole Barn

Jul. 22, 2016
Our Roy customer called us after putting an offer on property in Roy. The property was everything they wanted, but did not have a barn for their animals. They knew they needed 4 stalls and knew they w...Read More

One Car Post Frame Metal Garage

Jul. 20, 2016
Our customer came to us to build a one car post frame metal garage that needed to be compliant with local city regulations. Working in tandem with the city and customer, PermaBilt® increased the roof...Read More

2 Car Garage and Shop Renton

Dec. 22, 2015
Planning is a key element of the building process. Long before anything is physically done to a customer’s property, the plan and design has long been decided. So when our PermaBilt® Building Repre...Read More

RV Garage and Shop Vashon Island

Dec. 21, 2015
Don’t judge a book by its cover. In this case, don’t judge a barn as a barn. It’s actually a garage meant to look like a barn. Our very busy Vashon Island Washington customer came to us with his...Read More

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“We love our building and everyone working on it was skilled and professional.”
Wilson – Everett