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RV Storage and Boat Storage Building Yelm


  • Building type: High/Low
  • Building size: 16’ x 42’ x 16’ and 28’ x 24’ x 10’
  • Location: Yelm, WA
  • Concrete floor: 16’ x 42’ x 4” and 28’ x 24’ x 4” with fibermesh reinforcement and zip-strip crack-control
  • Garage doors:
    • (2) 10’ x 9’ raised panel steel overhead doors with Cascade lites and 45  mitered corners
    • 12’ x 14’ raised panel steel overhead door with Cascade lites and 45  mitered corners
  • Walk-in door: 3’ x 6’8” PermaBilt® door with self-closing hinges and stainless steel lockset
  • Accessories:
    • 10’ continuous flow ridge vent
    • 18” eave and gable overhangs


Our Yelm Washington customer first met us at the Puyallup Home Show. He stopped at our booth to talk to our Building Representative. He wanted to learn more about the dynamics of the PermaBilt® team . Later on, one of our monthly website specials caught his eye in regards to a garage that could house his boat and motor-home. We met with him three more times till he felt comfortable wit h his design and was ready to move on to building his 2 car garage for boat storage attached to his RV storage building.

The permitting process went smoothly and quickly. The customer then had his site prepared and materials and our crew were scheduled. And before he knew it, the building was erected and his motor-home and boat were safe and secure for the winter months ahead.

Customer Feedback

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“We love our building and everyone working on it was skilled and professional.”
Wilson – Everett