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Red Monitor Horse Pole Barn Olympia


  • Building type: Monitor Horse Pole Barn
  • Building size: 34’ x 36’ x 16’
  • Location: Olympia, WA
  • Concrete Floor: 12’ x 24’ x 4” with fibermesh reinforcement and zip‐strip crack‐control
    • (3) 12’ x 12’ PermaStalls® with 4’ x 8’ sliding doors
    • 12’ x 12’ tack room & door (customized by owner)
    • 12’ x 12’ grooming bay
    • 12’ x 12’ feed bay
    • 10’ x 24’ 50 psf center aisle loft
  • Doors:
    • 10’ x 8’ Cross Hatching split sliding door
    • 10’ x 8’ sliding door
    • 4’ x 4’ Cross Hatching split sliding hay loft door
    • (3) 4’ x 8’ Dutch doors (unpainted)
  • Accessories:
    • 2’ x 2’ cupola with horse weathervane
    • 18” eave and gable overhangs
    • Gutters and downspouts (provided by owner)


With two horses and a foal due the following spring, our customers came to us seeking help in building a horse barn. Needing winter feed farm storage, tack room and more, our customer in Olympia Washington settled on a monitor horse pole barn. Beyond it’s unique shape, they loved the stalls and hayloft farm storage—basically utilizing every square inch of the pole barn.

Equally important was PermaBilt®’s PermaStalls® which included three 7’ high walls consisting of 2” x 6” Standard & Better Tongue & Groove wood application, grilled stall fronts with grilled 4’ x 8’ sliding doors, feed doors with drop bar latches, and a removable grilled stall divider (which included Tongue & Groove wood on the stall separation wall). All aluminum components guarded against rust, constant abuse and corrosion year after year. Splintering, due to cribbing, was greatly reduced because all wall and door edges were framed within an aluminum U‐channel.  Overall,  our customers were pleased with the PermaStall® systems because of their strength, flexibility and safety.

Finally, our wood Dutch doors (with galvanized t‐hinges, barrel bolt and latches) offered convenient access for the horses from their PermaStalls® to their fenced paddock.

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