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Fire Station Pole Building Shop – Port Townsend


  • Building type: High/Low
  • Building size: 50’ x 92’ x 16’
  • Location: Port Townsend, WA
  • Colors:
    • Rustic Red (siding)
    • Old Town Gray (roof)
    • Zincalume (trim)
  • Concrete floor: 50’ x 92’ x 4” with fibermesh reinforcement and zip-strip crack-control
  • Walk-In Doors:
    • (6)3’ x 6’8” PermaBilt® door with self-closing hinges and stainless steel lockset – 1 with 20”x24” window
    • 4’x6’8” PermaBilt® door with self-closing hinges and stainless steel lockset
  • Garage Doors:
    • (5) raised panel with lites, (4) 14’x14’ and (1) 12’x12’
  • Windows:
    • (2) 5’ x 4’ double galzed vented, Low-E sliders
  • Second Floor:
    • 50’x28’ 50# floor with 4’ wide interior staircase
  • Accessories:
    • 50’x28’ 50# Loft
    • Bird blocking at both gables
    • 18” full perimeter overhang
    • 10’ continuous flow ridge vent
    • 48’x24’, 50# second story floor with 2”x6” guardrail
    • 4’ interior L-shape staircase, 50# with 2”x6” guardrail


Discovery Bay Fire and Rescue needed and additional building for equipment, a training room and support offices. In addition, they needed a 12’x30’x12’ carport off one side of the building as well as a porch cover over the front entrance to the building. An interior wall was constructed to separate the garage from the training room and office area of the building with an interior staircase from the garage area leading up to the offices on the second floor. The Fire and Rescue crew were very happy with their new building and the additional space it provided.

Customer Feedback

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"Great looking building. Crew leadership were outstanding."
Schrepfer - Kent