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Arlington Pole Barn

Jul. 16, 2018 ⋅ Categories: New Projects

Tragedy struck a long term customer of ours when there pole building barn burnt down.  They are located in Arlington and our company built their original pole barn in 1993.  Unfortunately, a fire broke out and burnt down their pole barn so they decided to have our company build them a brand new post frame barn to accommodate their growing needs. 

Their old pole barn was perfect for their needs 25 years ago but they decided to build a larger pole building to accommodate their change in lifestyle over the past two and a half years.  After a few small changes, our returning customers were very excited to get their new 36x48x16 pole barn built. There new post frame barn includes 4 dutch doors, 2 12×14 double bypass sliders, a 12×14 straight slider, eavelights on both sides over hangs, concrete and gutters.  Soon, our customers were able to see their tragedy turn into a blessing.  They love their new barn and are very happy with the finished product.

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