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Marysville Historical Society Museum

Marysville Historical Society

The building plans for the new Marysville Historical Society Museum. This shows the front and the back of the proposed building located on Armar Road near Jennings Park.

We are excited to be a part of the construction of the Marysville Historical Society Museum in Marysville, Washington. Be sure to check this page regularly for updates on the construction and to learn about how you can be a part of the building process. As a first step you can donate to the Marysville Historical Society here to help complete the new Museum.


The Marysville Historical Society Museum building is  completed.  We are so proud to be a part of this fantastic project and can’t wait to see this continue to take shape and ultimately open to the public!

MHS 23575 (55)


We are nearing completion of this wonderful project.  Should be wrapping up next week!

MHS 23575 (17)rev


Here’s a shot of one of the walls completed this week.  We are getting close to completion!  Exciting!

22-MHS 23575 (1)


Fantastic progress this last week.  Windows are in and siding is being installed.  Looking good!

MHS 23575 (44)20-MHS 23575 (1)16-MHS 23575 (2)


Latest update!  This project is really moving along!  Windows are next!

11-MHS 23575 (3)12-MHS 23575 (4)


Fabulous progress – even over the holidays.  The wall framing and second floor is done and sub-walls have been installed.   Next comes soffits, windows and siding!

7-MHS 23575 (9)


The wall framing is almost complete!  Should be installing the sub-wall next week!

Marysville wall


The concrete has settled and we are moving into the next stages of construction on this big post frame building.

flooring in post frame buildings

concrete mix post frame building

Looking southeast through the building.


We hope you had a great long holiday. We sure did, knowing the floor has been poured and the exterior finish work can push on toward completion of the Marysville museum. Here are a few detail shots of where we are at currently. We look forward to a solid finish this month.

post frame roofingmedium

Main entrance to the Marysville Historical Society Museum

Main entrance to the Marysville Historical Society Museum.


As Thanksgiving draws near we just want to remind everyone how thankful we are for their continued support of this great project. As the museum grows toward exterior completion it is important to remember who we are doing this for, you, and we love that we are able to contribute. Your support is very much appreciated and if you feel ever so inclined to keep the history of the Pacific Northwest alive, we invite you to make a donation of any amount to the Marysville Historical Society. You can do so right here!

Happy Thanksgiving!


The floor has been poured! It was great to get this in place. With the roof  above and the concrete floor below we look forward to a speedy finish for the  museum’s exterior. We are really happy with the progress of this big post frame building.

[post frame building floor

We have set the concrete floor in the museum.


Plumbing has been installed and we are eager to pour the concrete floor. This long awaited building is coming together great!

plumbing for post frame buildings

The pipes have been set!

post frame bathroom

Any guesses on what this room will be?


Plumbing is being installed and we will be looking to pour the floor by the end of this week. Here we see the building is fully framed and standing tall and proud!

Reading the grounds for the concrete floor

The Marysville Museum is receiving plumbing and a new floor this week.


We are prepping the ground for concrete and then comes doors and windows. We are moving along nicely.

Reading the grounds for the concrete floor

Readying the grounds for the concrete floor


Happy Veteran’s Day! Here is the latest from Marysville. With all the local military bases, we are sure there will be some armed forces history in the museum!

post frame washington

Happy Veteran’s Day!


The leaves changing and falling from the branches represent great change. How true for this building. The next time these trees have new leaves the exterior of the museum will be complete!

post frame buildings.

Looking southeast at the museum’s main entry.


We’re getting the ground ready for the concrete floor to be poured! Wow, this project is moving along fast. Remember, you can donate to the Marysville Historical Society using the link above.

flooring of post frame buildings

The guys getting the ground ready for the concrete pour.


Everyday there is more progress on this awesome pole building. Be sure to stay up to date with the post frame construction of the Marysville Historical Society Museum here on the Town & Country website.

The top of the Marysville Museum

The top of the Marysville Museum

Post frame roofing

The rain can’t stop the progress! Another view from Jennings Park.


The building is now framed and roofed. It’s coming along nicely! We can’t wait to see the exterior finished, it will look great!

Washington pole buildings

The roof is now fully framed at the Marysville Historical Society Museum.

post frame buildings washington

From the top!




Happy Halloween! How about a little throw back Thursday? Here’s a ghostly image of the the lot prior to construction beginning. Ok, ok, it isn’t really that scary! But it is being built scary fast. This is from just a couple weeks ago!

quick building style

Throw back Thursday! This was just a few short weeks ago!


Progress at the museum is steady. We are definitely taking advantage of the dry fall weather. The roof is coming along nicely!

post frame roofing material

Getting the roof done before the rain comes!

post frame builder western washington

Looking west from the red barn at Jennings Park



Happy Monday! We have some great progress to show on the museum. The roof is nearly fully framed. This will be a beautiful post frame building and  a great home to all the artifacts that the Marysville Historical Society has collected over the years.

easy building method

Looking southwest from Jennings Park at the soon to be Marysville Historical Society Museum.

cool post frame building

Looking up from the front door area.


Here are a couple of the guys helping to build the new museum. Feel free to pass your gratitude on to them by donating to the Marysville Historical Society. Reach out to us on Facebook to let us know what you think of the progress!


pole building construction

A couple of the guys building the new Marysville Museum



We’re making good progress on the Marysville Museum! Here are a few more photos from the build.

post frame building materials

Getting the floor covered


Post frame barn

Moving forward with the Marysville Museum

pole buildings washington


After years of fundraising and facing many other challenges by the Marysville Historical Society, the PermaBilt crew was able to begin setting poles on October 9, 2013!

Pole barns washington

The first poles going up at the museum.

As of October 17 the framing has been rapidly advancing and the layout of the building is becoming clear. We are super exciting about this job because it will be providing the Marysville community with a long awaited center to house historic artifacts and provide a place to meet for many local groups.

post frame buildings washington

Getting the roof ready at the museum.